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I lost count of how many cults are out there but I can guarantee you they are in the hundreds if not thousands. Heres the thing, for some time I always assumed, David Karesh, Heavens Gate, you know the group who killed themselves and left like $5 dollars in quarters in each pocket. I always looked at those people and their groups as cults but really a cult is a religious order that is somewhat out-of-order and has some loose affiliation with some type of religion, Hindu, Christian, New Age. Thats not the kicker for me, the kicker is the mainstream religions that I never really read up on and then when I did I was in awe what the people where believing. Take for instance the Catholics. I see the pope, see the Vatican here and there but I didn’t understand what they believed because I wasn’t Catholic. I only knew they considered themselves Christian. The Bible states there is only one way to heaven and that is through accepting Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. Again I use to see mother Theresa talking about Mary the mother of Jesus all the time. Then there would be the news story of how Mary appeared in a taco, on the side of buildings, on a potato chip, etc. Thought it was interesting until I understood and read what Catholic’s actually believe. I use Catholics because it’s just so many of them. Millions upon millions across our planet and what they believe don’t have jack to do with the Bible or Gods instruction to get to heaven.

Forgiving of sins or Penance (also called Confession and Reconciliation) that aint in the Bible, but this is vital to the Catholic religion. A very simple humbled prayer of asking for forgiveness from Christ in faith is all that is needed. If people of the Catholic faith have been asking man to forgive them of their sins then something is off, they are still not forgiven. Then they have prayer for the dead?? Catholics pray to God for dead folk who are long gone. I’m guessing there is somehow hope for a dead person who may not have believed in God? Hairs on the back of my neck stand up because the Bible has always made clear you have one shot at this life and whatever you are going to do you better do it on the living side because when you die that’s it, period. So where do these huge religions get their truth from because obviously it’s not the Bible, or at least the most important parts. If a Catholic has spent their entire life asking for forgiveness from a man (Priest), according to the Bible they will go straight to hell. John F. Kennedy was Catholic, Mother Theresa was Catholic, on and on. Another disturbing cult like trait is that Catholics pray to Mary, the mother of Jesus. I can understand that Mary was amazing and chosen by God but the Bible clearly states she was human. He needed a human to plant his seed, that did not make Mary some type of God head. So the Hail Mary which I though only applied to football is actually a prayer to a human which the Bible says clearly not to do.

Priest and nuns are not allowed to marry, who in hell came up with that-yes that is a pun. The apostles clearly had wives as they always seemed to have a sick Mother-in-Law. The Bible says it is not good for man to be alone. I have said it before and I will say it again, all the little boys forced to have anal sex with grown men in the church office’s or forced to perform oral sex on the priest’s, could this be the “Not good” the Bible was talking about? If most of any religion has taken from the Bible then added a bunch of man-made laws especially when it comes to getting into heaven, it’s a cult. Every Catholic that has died on this earth, where are they, heaven or hell? Catholics are not Christians as they believe in sacraments and traditions. The Bible gives clear instruction, nothing is to be added or taken away from the Bible. You don’t need a figurine, candle or beads to connect with God, that was the purpose of Jesus, to cut out the middle man. Jehovah’s Witness, Hindu and even the Jewish, if any of these mainstream religions do not include accepting Jesus as Lord and Savior its a Cult! That doesn’t come from me it comes directly from the Bible and hopefully Christians wont be scared, intimidated to speak the truth when given the opportunity…