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Way back when, like during the Ronald Reagan days Evangelical Christians sat in the front row at every political debate, re-election and convention. They critiqued, questioned and weeded out anyone who was not associated with their belief in God as Christians.

Over the last decade the Evangelical version of Christian has been watered down as to include the candidate who could actually win an election and not how religiously sound they are. Today you have candidates like Mitt Romney who considers himself Mormon taking leads in the 2012 presidential campaign. A Mormon taking a lead in any presidential election 20 years ago would be unheard of.

Ronald Reagan was and still is the GOP ultimate candidate and president. He embodied everything that made the Republican party Republican, supporting faith-based initiatives, supporting the Federal Marriage Amendment, and getting rid of Affirmative Action. The GOP has become desperate to unseat anyone who does not align with their views even if it means supporting someone whose faith in God does not mirror their own or even come close.

The Mormon faith consists of Biblical doctrine and mostly sacred text from the Book of Mormon. According to Latter Day Saints the book of Mormon came from The Angel Moroni who at first was originally a man on earth but died and then he became an angel and came back to earth to talk to Joseph Smith who he instructed to write the Book of Mormon. The Bible was said to be incomplete so during the 1800’s the missing pieces were added. Also the Mormon faith teaches that all human beings will have the opportunity to hear and accept or reject the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the benefit of its sacraments, in this life or the next. This statement alone would make any Bible believing Christian cringe in their boots, as this fact is nowhere to be found in the King James Bible or any Bible for that matter. There’s plenty more doctrine to speak of but the obvious point is this, none of this doctrine sits well with Evangelical Christians. Some influential Christian pastors have likened the Mormon faith to a cult. So why the massive support for Romney? The GOP is in it to win it. So if Satan himself, red cape, horns and all can unseat Barack, evangelicals will support.

With illegal immigrants overtaking almost every major city in the US and African Americans still calling foul racism Republicans are ready to squash both and take America back to the days of Ronald Reagan. Reganomics is still up for debate, was it good or bad for Americans? One thing for sure if you were a minority during the Reagan era and if you were in need of help, you had nothing coming to you from the federal government.

The fact that a candidates such as Newt Gingrich who has had multiple divorces bought on by multiple extra marital affairs in which he married the mistresses can confidently step into the political ring speaks volumes. Whoever wins enough straw polls in Iowa; this will be the candidate to support regardless if they are Devil worshipers or skirt chasers as long as they have a shot at putting President Obama out of the White House, and thats a shame.