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 Estimated at around 9 billion dollars yearly, the black hair care business which consists of hair pieces, weaves and chemicals to straighten kinky hair could easily bring wealth to much of the roughly 40 million African Americans living in the United States. Problem is blacks are unable to make money in their own community. A different minority has a hold on the market and continues to make a mint off of the black population. Asians have been the dominant force behind black hair care products. For a black businessman or businesswoman trying to do business with foreign retailers first they must learn the language which is Korean, as everything shipped from overseas and within the US is in Korean or other Asian language.

The assumption has been made for years that only Asian retailers exist so almost all products are sold in a foreign language blocking out everyone who does not speak the language. Black leaders have been calling on President Obama to create jobs as blacks and other minorities seem to be suffering the most financially. President Obama and congress could create jobs but more importantly wealth for people of color. Obama could mandate that overseas businesses must sell to all (Black & Asian) to continue doing business in the United States. It would be unheard of for multiple Manhattan New York City law firms to be owned by Ethiopians or Hispanics, it just wouldn’t happen. Jews sell and buy amongst themselves, preserving wealth amongst themselves. So why are Asians the primary sellers of black hair products for black people? Blacks could go to Chinatown anywhere in the US and set up shop and sell dumplings to Asians but this too would never happen.

It’s not like blacks have not tried to get into the business of selling black hair products, their chief complaint is that it is a racist system in place in which they are blotted out on every front.  There are specific organizations like the Black Beauty Associations, National Black Hair Association, etc. There are plenty enough organizations out there to help encourage black retailers but it will take cash and possibly laws, specifically the ones used by Jews to actually help African American retailers obtain wealth.