Emmy Blackout, Again!

Posted: September 20, 2011 in Urban Issues Whites Would Appreciate

Congratulations to Modern Family and their entire cast of white people for their Emmy win as best comedy. ABC (All Bout Caucasians) have continued the trend in which no dark skinned or even light skinned African American actors or actresses are present. There is always the quick entrance and exit of Black folk on an episode every now and then but where are the black people lined up in droves holding Emmy awards or posing on the red carpet? Hispanics somehow get lumped in the category as minority but does this really count when the Hispanic woman has hair and skin that matches identically to her white cast members. The only difference may be the curve in the hips and this justifies minority.

ABC knows exactly what they are doing as does NBC, CBS, and Fox etc. These television giants have never been excited about having blacks on TV but they did so because it made them money. During the days of the Cosby show which aired on NBC, an abundance of money was made through advertising. It came down to the dollar to keep blacks on TV. With an economy in shambles and blacks at the very bottom of the barrel black money is no longer needed because they don’t have any. Hispanics on the other hand struggle just like blacks but they continue to spend money and put into the economy. Blacks were never liked from the get go so what better reason to bump blacks for Hispanics.

If anyone cries foul the networks point to their Latino cast members, their openly gay/lesbian actors and as so many times before which is becoming the norm theses people represent African Americans or minorities.

Don’t forget to thank Mad Men too; their all white show took top honors as best Drama series, again congratulations!


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