Black People Food vs. White People Food

Posted: September 20, 2011 in Urban Issues Whites Would Appreciate

African American anything is quickly associated with something being negative, bad, tacky etc. Take for instance food. Somehow black folk eating chittlins or pigs intestine is gross, disgusting or both. The thing is that many European white cultures enjoy some of the most exotic foods on the planet, putting pig intestines to shame. These dishes are cherished during special events, holidays and some are eaten nightly at the dinner table. Some rude comments come from black folk themselves or black folk who have given into negative stereotypes about themselves. Criadillas, Rocky Mountain Oysters or bull’s testicles are a favorite among Spaniards and on many menus in the southern United States. Blood sausage is a favorite amongst the British, Irish, Scottish, German and Nova Scotia cuisine. The dishes main ingredient, blood, fresh blood usually from a slaughtered pig. The blood is usually mixed with barley and/or some other goodies and there you have it blood sausage. In elementary schools in other country they serve it as part of school lunch. Cant began to talk about roasted goat and pigs head. All of a sudden chittlins don’t sound so bad.

The thing that is unique with Soul Food or African American dishes is that they were created by force and not choice. In Greece and Turkey the intestines of choice are Lamb, usually roasted on an open fire. So why is it when people of color sit down to devour some intestines the frowns come fast and furious. Blacks don’t mention it at the Christmas parties; they don’t mention it in the restaurants and never ever at the Job! On the plantations slaves had no other choice but to take the gunk leftover from the slave master and turn it into something wonderful, something for generations to come. Other races may have had to come up with these dishes by force too but they never receive the frowns that black folk get, never.

People of color should proudly eat their pig’s feet, hog maws, chittlins and other black fare with chest forward and shoulders back with pride. Whites have been proudly eating their entrails on the sly why can’t blacks..


  1. Jennifer says:

    I have always believed, “Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.”
    That’s what Grandmother used to say!
    Great Blog!

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