Race relations can start at the Vatican..

Posted: September 14, 2011 in Urban Issues Whites Would Appreciate


From England to New York, South Africa to China there is always the “Race issue” or racism. The color of one’s skin seems to be the common denominator for most of this world when it comes to social issues and the misjudging of one another. In the church you have white congregations, black congregations. The Bible several times over encourages all those who follow Christ to seek unity with diligence. With so many churches separated by race it is impossible to claim unity. Walk into the white churches and there are multiple pictures of Jesus-as a white man. During the time of Leonardo Da Vinci and other world famous artist they painted pictures of what was around them at the time, and that was Europeans. Their artwork reflected their culture at the time. There are no brown paintings of Caribbean looking woman with lots of curves, we only see Mona Lisa. The point is as beautiful as these works of art were and still are they incorrectly portray what Jesus Christ looked like. They only portray the European man painting European people.

In Rev 1:14-15 the Bible describes in detail exactly what Jesus looks like. Kinky wool hair and bronze feet. That description does not fit Da Vinci but more along the lines of an African living in the desert for many years. An afro is something that is not associated with anyone in Europe, period. So Asians, Latinos, Russians, Australians and Americans, claim to serve the same God, which happens to be a brown God. This seems to be fact so why wont the church, mainly the white church acknowledge this fact and move on? What better way to get the Worlds attention than to Petition and challenge the Pope-Pope Benedict XVI to take down any pictures of a white Jesus and replace them with the Biblical Jesus, set an example. Let the world know that the Catholic Church doesn’t care about skin color and only about breaking down color barriers so the church can finally become one. Europeans claim it doesn’t matter the color of the God they serve so put up a Jesus with an afro and facial features like Denzel Washington and let’s see how many whites attend a church service?

Let Kenneth Copeland, Pastor Rick Warren, Joel Osteen, Ed Young, and all the other white mega church leaders preach on television with a large picture of a black Jesus in the background and let’s truly see the hearts of men. If race is not an issue then the kinky hair large nosed Jesus in the background shouldn’t be a problem??


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