BLACK People died in the 9/11 attacks too??

Posted: September 12, 2011 in Urban Issues Whites Would Appreciate

The 9/11 terror attacks are a very delicate topic as the horror of this day is deeply ingrained in all of us, especially those who saw the devastation up close right in their own backyard like myself. On September 11 I drove by the Pentagon like everyone else to get to work. Within hours, like the rest of the United States and many other parts of the world we were all changed in an instant.

The weeks, months and years following the attacks we began to learn about the amazing people who lost their lives. Children were profiled as they told their stories about their parents, mothers and fathers about their children, brothers and sisters about their siblings. While the stories were compelling and sad they never seemed to include people of color (black people). Now and then there was a blurb of someone but no first person accounts, no in-depth coverage of a beautiful life lost.

Ten years have now passed and the entire country paused, reflected and remembered those lost. Another anniversary and more stories of white people who died. At one point I thought maybe no black folk died on September 11 until I looked up the faces of the people who died, and there they were, black woman, black men, first officers and flight attendants. They were wives, husbands and no one in the media wanted to tell their story, at least not the detailed stories we saw or continue to see concerning the many whites who lost their lives on the same day.

People of color are forever looked down upon for playing the race card. Maybe we pull the card a lot but there are lots of reasons we have to and this is one of them. There is one black person whose image is ingrained in our hearts and minds forever and that is the “Falling Man”. He is an unknown man who leaped from the twin towers to certain death. During his fall, at one point he looked like Superman without a cape. In the end he died a horrific tragic death along with the other nearly three thousand people who died that day.

The only black person who died on September 11 to get extensive news coverage to this day was an unknown man, with an unknown past, and he died in one of the most dramatic ways that day. Did CNN, CBS, ABC, Fox News ask any black families for their story??? I’m just asking…


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