Son of Rev. Billy Graham, you owe President Obama an apology..

Posted: September 7, 2011 in Urban Issues Whites Would Appreciate

It’s been several months since President Obama released his long form birth certificate letting the world know he is indeed a United States citizen. After the dramatic killing of Bin Laden the country moved forward and all was quickly forgotten. Before the president was forced to release his birth certificate one of the most prominent religious leaders in this country if not the world had brought into question if the President was a legitimate United States citizen or stating he was not fit to be president.

Rev. Franklin Graham, son of Rev. Billy Graham a respected evangelical church leader and advisor to numerous presidents raised the issue in an interview in which he stated “why won’t the president show us his birth certificate”. Once the president quieted his critics and just plain embarrassed some I still have not read anywhere that Rev. Franklin Graham apologized openly to President Obama. To be fair maybe Rev. Graham did apologize but he did so quietly and privately. The fact that president Obama’s skin is dark and he is considered a black man or the first black president I believe a loud public apology should have been given and is still owed.

During the time of Jim Crow black men had to walk around with “papers” on their persons so if a white person wanted to know if he were a legitimate man he could prove it. Rev. Franklin Graham is well aware of this fact since he grew up in the south where his father Rev. Billy Graham never spoke out publically on racism when Emmitt Till was murdered or when blacks were beaten and chased by dogs so they could sit down in a coffee shop. As a matter of fact the elder Graham never used his influence to help any black agenda, at least one with any significance. Rev. Franklin Graham professes Christianity founded on the teachings of Jesus Christ which encompasses forgiveness and to ask for forgiveness. Rev. Graham was wrong, dead wrong to even part his lips to insinuate that Barak Obama was somehow not a legitimate man and somehow not certified to be president.

If there was anyone to jump first to ask for forgiveness from president Obama it should have been Rev. Graham. This would have been a great opportunity to show solidarity between black and white Christians and even the general public. Rev. Graham passed on a great opportunity. The fact that he has not done so also raises the question of what is in the heart of this supposed God fearing man. He preaches weekly and travels extensively to tell the world to love and follow the Bible. According to his own walk he seems to be a talker and not a doer.


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