Recent studies show that the average U.S. citizen identifies themselves as multiracial. After so many centuries its bound to happen that there are fewer and fewer pure races anymore, they exist but they are on the decline. If you are Greek and Japanese, Irish and Swedish or even Australian and German, it’s no big deal. When the skin color starts to get darker, then the problems crop up. The debate between light-skinned and dark-skinned is old news. The thing is for those who can pass as white, and do so on a constant, only jumping into the black roll when something positive is to be gained. President Barak Obama’s dad was from Africa, he was black black as my older relatives would say. That’s why to a lot of black folk they relate to the President because even though he has another half of him that is white, his skin color (dark brown) is all black folk see. From behind, President Obama looks like just another black dude. He identifies himself as a black man because he has probably had several unfortunate opportunities to encounter the racism that is still alive and well in the U.S. For black folk, many of us over the years just shake it off, keep our heads up and keep on stepping. Thing is, even though he is bi-racial he can’t hide his blackness. Most bi-racial people with black and white parents are extremely fair-skinned and in some instances they pass as a regular white person.

Being a black person anywhere in the US or abroad can be just a little disheartening at times as people of color seem to always get the short end of the stick, regardless of what new research studies suggest that blacks are almost equal with whites. So the (passing) bi-racial individual has the magical powers of being black or white at any given moment, depending on the situation. A great example of this would be Soledad O’Brien, the TV journalist. She claims Australian Irish, French and Afro-Cuban ancestry. According to her she only has like one tenth of blackness in her but yet and still somehow she won the “National Association of Black Journalist of the Year” in 2010. She is also a member of the National Association of Hispanic Journalist. She has and continues to receive accolades from Spanish and African-American organizations, she has been a keynote speaker for several white prestigious universities and yet I have not heard her name anywhere near anything black that is controversial? I have not seen her march for Travon Martin or pen an open letter on racism. Never heard her speak on the controversies surrounding the disproportionately high jail time given to blacks over minor offenses compared to whites. But she does jump at every positive opportunity to retrieve an award and gain something positive for herself from some minority institution. One day she is white, one day she is black or maybe Spanish depending on the degree and prestige of the accolade being presented to her. This is an amazing gift, to only accept the positive from a race that is constantly surrounded with negativity, mainly African-American. The fact that she married a white man and have white children with blue eyes and blonde hair seems to be her dream come true. She has amazing talent as a journalist I just would like her to pick a race and stick with it that’s all. As I type this I was always reminded growing up that I was “High Yellow” or “Red Boned” and how lucky I was. Never looked at myself as lucky, just black. The difference between me and Soledad is that I’m not passing, I’m clearly an African-American and quite proud.

This is not a knock Soledad blog this is the reality that those who run around saying they are black should also join in the fight to end racism and let their voices to be heard to make a difference in the black community whenever possible. Imagine if Soledad with all her influence lent her voice to black issues or even Hispanic rights/immigration issues. She could make a serious difference for the races she claims to be a part of. Thing is she is not alone. As races become watered down because of intermarriage (nothing wrong with that) we have more and more Soledad’s and they continue to choose the White road, the less difficult road. I suggest Soledad give back every black award she has won and all the black organizations chasing behind her to recognize her and lift her up, STOP, until she begins to act like a African American which includes taking some of the bad along with the good..


I lost count of how many cults are out there but I can guarantee you they are in the hundreds if not thousands. Heres the thing, for some time I always assumed, David Karesh, Heavens Gate, you know the group who killed themselves and left like $5 dollars in quarters in each pocket. I always looked at those people and their groups as cults but really a cult is a religious order that is somewhat out-of-order and has some loose affiliation with some type of religion, Hindu, Christian, New Age. Thats not the kicker for me, the kicker is the mainstream religions that I never really read up on and then when I did I was in awe what the people where believing. Take for instance the Catholics. I see the pope, see the Vatican here and there but I didn’t understand what they believed because I wasn’t Catholic. I only knew they considered themselves Christian. The Bible states there is only one way to heaven and that is through accepting Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. Again I use to see mother Theresa talking about Mary the mother of Jesus all the time. Then there would be the news story of how Mary appeared in a taco, on the side of buildings, on a potato chip, etc. Thought it was interesting until I understood and read what Catholic’s actually believe. I use Catholics because it’s just so many of them. Millions upon millions across our planet and what they believe don’t have jack to do with the Bible or Gods instruction to get to heaven.

Forgiving of sins or Penance (also called Confession and Reconciliation) that aint in the Bible, but this is vital to the Catholic religion. A very simple humbled prayer of asking for forgiveness from Christ in faith is all that is needed. If people of the Catholic faith have been asking man to forgive them of their sins then something is off, they are still not forgiven. Then they have prayer for the dead?? Catholics pray to God for dead folk who are long gone. I’m guessing there is somehow hope for a dead person who may not have believed in God? Hairs on the back of my neck stand up because the Bible has always made clear you have one shot at this life and whatever you are going to do you better do it on the living side because when you die that’s it, period. So where do these huge religions get their truth from because obviously it’s not the Bible, or at least the most important parts. If a Catholic has spent their entire life asking for forgiveness from a man (Priest), according to the Bible they will go straight to hell. John F. Kennedy was Catholic, Mother Theresa was Catholic, on and on. Another disturbing cult like trait is that Catholics pray to Mary, the mother of Jesus. I can understand that Mary was amazing and chosen by God but the Bible clearly states she was human. He needed a human to plant his seed, that did not make Mary some type of God head. So the Hail Mary which I though only applied to football is actually a prayer to a human which the Bible says clearly not to do.

Priest and nuns are not allowed to marry, who in hell came up with that-yes that is a pun. The apostles clearly had wives as they always seemed to have a sick Mother-in-Law. The Bible says it is not good for man to be alone. I have said it before and I will say it again, all the little boys forced to have anal sex with grown men in the church office’s or forced to perform oral sex on the priest’s, could this be the “Not good” the Bible was talking about? If most of any religion has taken from the Bible then added a bunch of man-made laws especially when it comes to getting into heaven, it’s a cult. Every Catholic that has died on this earth, where are they, heaven or hell? Catholics are not Christians as they believe in sacraments and traditions. The Bible gives clear instruction, nothing is to be added or taken away from the Bible. You don’t need a figurine, candle or beads to connect with God, that was the purpose of Jesus, to cut out the middle man. Jehovah’s Witness, Hindu and even the Jewish, if any of these mainstream religions do not include accepting Jesus as Lord and Savior its a Cult! That doesn’t come from me it comes directly from the Bible and hopefully Christians wont be scared, intimidated to speak the truth when given the opportunity…

Way back when, like during the Ronald Reagan days Evangelical Christians sat in the front row at every political debate, re-election and convention. They critiqued, questioned and weeded out anyone who was not associated with their belief in God as Christians.

Over the last decade the Evangelical version of Christian has been watered down as to include the candidate who could actually win an election and not how religiously sound they are. Today you have candidates like Mitt Romney who considers himself Mormon taking leads in the 2012 presidential campaign. A Mormon taking a lead in any presidential election 20 years ago would be unheard of.

Ronald Reagan was and still is the GOP ultimate candidate and president. He embodied everything that made the Republican party Republican, supporting faith-based initiatives, supporting the Federal Marriage Amendment, and getting rid of Affirmative Action. The GOP has become desperate to unseat anyone who does not align with their views even if it means supporting someone whose faith in God does not mirror their own or even come close.

The Mormon faith consists of Biblical doctrine and mostly sacred text from the Book of Mormon. According to Latter Day Saints the book of Mormon came from The Angel Moroni who at first was originally a man on earth but died and then he became an angel and came back to earth to talk to Joseph Smith who he instructed to write the Book of Mormon. The Bible was said to be incomplete so during the 1800’s the missing pieces were added. Also the Mormon faith teaches that all human beings will have the opportunity to hear and accept or reject the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the benefit of its sacraments, in this life or the next. This statement alone would make any Bible believing Christian cringe in their boots, as this fact is nowhere to be found in the King James Bible or any Bible for that matter. There’s plenty more doctrine to speak of but the obvious point is this, none of this doctrine sits well with Evangelical Christians. Some influential Christian pastors have likened the Mormon faith to a cult. So why the massive support for Romney? The GOP is in it to win it. So if Satan himself, red cape, horns and all can unseat Barack, evangelicals will support.

With illegal immigrants overtaking almost every major city in the US and African Americans still calling foul racism Republicans are ready to squash both and take America back to the days of Ronald Reagan. Reganomics is still up for debate, was it good or bad for Americans? One thing for sure if you were a minority during the Reagan era and if you were in need of help, you had nothing coming to you from the federal government.

The fact that a candidates such as Newt Gingrich who has had multiple divorces bought on by multiple extra marital affairs in which he married the mistresses can confidently step into the political ring speaks volumes. Whoever wins enough straw polls in Iowa; this will be the candidate to support regardless if they are Devil worshipers or skirt chasers as long as they have a shot at putting President Obama out of the White House, and thats a shame.


 Estimated at around 9 billion dollars yearly, the black hair care business which consists of hair pieces, weaves and chemicals to straighten kinky hair could easily bring wealth to much of the roughly 40 million African Americans living in the United States. Problem is blacks are unable to make money in their own community. A different minority has a hold on the market and continues to make a mint off of the black population. Asians have been the dominant force behind black hair care products. For a black businessman or businesswoman trying to do business with foreign retailers first they must learn the language which is Korean, as everything shipped from overseas and within the US is in Korean or other Asian language.

The assumption has been made for years that only Asian retailers exist so almost all products are sold in a foreign language blocking out everyone who does not speak the language. Black leaders have been calling on President Obama to create jobs as blacks and other minorities seem to be suffering the most financially. President Obama and congress could create jobs but more importantly wealth for people of color. Obama could mandate that overseas businesses must sell to all (Black & Asian) to continue doing business in the United States. It would be unheard of for multiple Manhattan New York City law firms to be owned by Ethiopians or Hispanics, it just wouldn’t happen. Jews sell and buy amongst themselves, preserving wealth amongst themselves. So why are Asians the primary sellers of black hair products for black people? Blacks could go to Chinatown anywhere in the US and set up shop and sell dumplings to Asians but this too would never happen.

It’s not like blacks have not tried to get into the business of selling black hair products, their chief complaint is that it is a racist system in place in which they are blotted out on every front.  There are specific organizations like the Black Beauty Associations, National Black Hair Association, etc. There are plenty enough organizations out there to help encourage black retailers but it will take cash and possibly laws, specifically the ones used by Jews to actually help African American retailers obtain wealth.



Troy Davis.

Posted: September 25, 2011 in Urban Issues Whites Would Appreciate


Congratulations to Modern Family and their entire cast of white people for their Emmy win as best comedy. ABC (All Bout Caucasians) have continued the trend in which no dark skinned or even light skinned African American actors or actresses are present. There is always the quick entrance and exit of Black folk on an episode every now and then but where are the black people lined up in droves holding Emmy awards or posing on the red carpet? Hispanics somehow get lumped in the category as minority but does this really count when the Hispanic woman has hair and skin that matches identically to her white cast members. The only difference may be the curve in the hips and this justifies minority.

ABC knows exactly what they are doing as does NBC, CBS, and Fox etc. These television giants have never been excited about having blacks on TV but they did so because it made them money. During the days of the Cosby show which aired on NBC, an abundance of money was made through advertising. It came down to the dollar to keep blacks on TV. With an economy in shambles and blacks at the very bottom of the barrel black money is no longer needed because they don’t have any. Hispanics on the other hand struggle just like blacks but they continue to spend money and put into the economy. Blacks were never liked from the get go so what better reason to bump blacks for Hispanics.

If anyone cries foul the networks point to their Latino cast members, their openly gay/lesbian actors and as so many times before which is becoming the norm theses people represent African Americans or minorities.

Don’t forget to thank Mad Men too; their all white show took top honors as best Drama series, again congratulations!

African American anything is quickly associated with something being negative, bad, tacky etc. Take for instance food. Somehow black folk eating chittlins or pigs intestine is gross, disgusting or both. The thing is that many European white cultures enjoy some of the most exotic foods on the planet, putting pig intestines to shame. These dishes are cherished during special events, holidays and some are eaten nightly at the dinner table. Some rude comments come from black folk themselves or black folk who have given into negative stereotypes about themselves. Criadillas, Rocky Mountain Oysters or bull’s testicles are a favorite among Spaniards and on many menus in the southern United States. Blood sausage is a favorite amongst the British, Irish, Scottish, German and Nova Scotia cuisine. The dishes main ingredient, blood, fresh blood usually from a slaughtered pig. The blood is usually mixed with barley and/or some other goodies and there you have it blood sausage. In elementary schools in other country they serve it as part of school lunch. Cant began to talk about roasted goat and pigs head. All of a sudden chittlins don’t sound so bad.

The thing that is unique with Soul Food or African American dishes is that they were created by force and not choice. In Greece and Turkey the intestines of choice are Lamb, usually roasted on an open fire. So why is it when people of color sit down to devour some intestines the frowns come fast and furious. Blacks don’t mention it at the Christmas parties; they don’t mention it in the restaurants and never ever at the Job! On the plantations slaves had no other choice but to take the gunk leftover from the slave master and turn it into something wonderful, something for generations to come. Other races may have had to come up with these dishes by force too but they never receive the frowns that black folk get, never.

People of color should proudly eat their pig’s feet, hog maws, chittlins and other black fare with chest forward and shoulders back with pride. Whites have been proudly eating their entrails on the sly why can’t blacks..